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About codes that can be used for item downloads:

・Connection with your account will be checked regarding serial codes that have use limits.
・When connection is completed, your serial code would no longer be able to be used by other accounts.
・Even if your account connection is confirmed, there are cases that your serial code has expired and can no longer be able to download.
・If your account has been transfer to another person, there are cases in which we will take measures such as disabling your account.
・We do not support connection via mobile communication systems such as 3G, 4G, LTE including tethering.

About codes that give S-court points and CR:

・S-court points and CR is given away when the code is confirmed. Please use your My Page for checking the amount of points earned.
・If your code comes with item downloads, you can enter your code again to re-download. However, you can only earn points at the first time of your download.

About codes that are unavailable at this page:

Inserting codes regarding "COM pre-order campaign" are available at this page.
Please type in “S-court x BitCash 7-Eleven Campaign” code on this website for dedicated for the campaign.